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Term Of Use

What is the General Information?

This website is managed by Yolcu360 Bili┼čim Anonim ┼×irketi and all rights reserved. Within this Terms of Use, the use of "We" and "Us" refers to Yolcu360 Bili┼čim Anonim ┼×irketi and "you" refers to our valuable customers visiting our website. Terms of use need to be visited and reviewed before using our website. By using the Yolcu 360 website, you agree to the following rules.

How To Book?

When you make a reservation on our website for renting a vehicle, this reservation does not constitute an agreement for the definite rental of the car you wish to rent. Even if your reservation is approved or is on hold, this does not guarantee definite car rental. You will be doing the car rental agreement, deposit payment and other processes with the renting firm while taking the vehicle. Yolcu 360 is an intermediary firm which reserves the best price for you in the easiest way and offers ease of payment with your credit or debit card online.

What are the rights of Yolcu360?

Copying, publishing, transferring by distributing of any part of the whole of the materials, software codes in this web site is prohibited without a prior written document given by us.

Do the Changes in the Web Site Effect the Users?

The information, services, products provided in the contents of this website may be updated, changed or this website may be put out of commission without prior announcement. Additionally, Yolcu360 reserves the right to amend the terms of use determined in this page. The changes and updates become enforceable as soon as they are published in our website. Our customers accept this updated information upon using the website.

Under Which Terms Can You Use Yolcu 360?

In order to use this website, you should have appropriate purposes to the laws and regulations of the country you are in or Turkish Republic and should not violate the terms of use of the website.

You hereby agree that;

You are not using our website in a way that would infringe the rights of the others,

You will not make fake or fraudulent reservations,

You will not share harmful and obscene content and you will not use our site for these purposes,

You will not harm the operation of the website via a software, work program or tool,

You will not spoil and harm the image and content of the website and will not alter any codes,

upon using our website.

Yolcu 360 reserves the right to cancel your reservation without informing and to block your access to the website if we reach the data that you have violated the terms of use for any reason whatsoever.

May You Be Directed To Other Websites From Our Website?

There may be links to other websites from Yolcu360 website. Yolcu360 may not be held responsible for the content, data it provides, products and services of the linked websites. By clicking the link, our customers accept the responsibilities of accessing and using the related websites. Yolcu360 does not have any liability for the direct, indirect or special situations that require penalty; from the exemplary losses and damages deriving from the information on our website. Yolcu360 reserves the right to, within the legal scope, waive the liabilities from the information, services and data on the website.

Who Will Cover Your Loss?

You hereby accept to cover the liabilities, loss return and expenses that may arise if you violate the terms of use. The information herein determines the rules of the agreement that you enter with us. No written or verbal declaration other than this shall be accepted. The use of the website, the data downloaded from the website and terms of use will be processed under the laws of Turkish Republic.

Cancellation and Return Conditions

The Yolcu360 aims to support customers in all aspects of the reservation process and make their lives easier. For this reason, in the event of reservation cancellation and return, our call center employees will contact the intermediated firm on your behalf for the cancellation or return of your reservation. Since Yolcu360 directly transfers your payments to the firms, it has no liability for the cancellation and return of the performed process. Your transactions are made by taking into consideration the conditions of the company you make the reservation for. You may find the detailed information regarding these terms on this page. The changes and updates made by the companies regarding the cancellation and return procedures must be followed from the relevant company website. Yolcu360 is not liable for the amendments and updates done by the firms without prior announcement.ÔÇĘ