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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yolcu360 Pro corporate membership fee-based?
Why Choose Yolcu360 Pro?
I created a reservation but didn't receive an email. What should I do?
I want to extend the reservation. What should I do?
Can I make long-term rentals through the Agency Panel?
Are the cars fully insured?
If a problem occurs while driving the car, who should I contact?
My current credit limit isn't visible. What should I do?
Can we add an additional driver later?
How do we pay for additional products (Additional driver, Mini Damage Waiver)?
When can I receive my invoice?
I made a full credit reservation, but they asked for a credit card at the office. What should I do?
Can we make changes to the reservation such as date, time, and name?
How do I cancel a reservation?
When do we receive the commission amount added when making a reservation?
Is the reserved car guaranteed to be provided?
How can I become a member of the Yolcu360 Agency/Corporate Panel?
Is there a fee deduction for reservation cancellations?



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